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Is Laser Hair Removal Safe For My Teenage Girl?

Updated: May 7, 2021

Your teenage girl faces incredible stress and pressure every day with her friends and classmates. Especially if they struggle with excess facial and body hair, finding a solution that works is critical to their self-esteem.

Laser hair removal for your teenage girl may be something you have been thinking about but aren’t sure if it’s right for her or even safe. If you’ve ever done laser hair removal or skin rejuvenation treatments of any kind with a professional laser center, then you know how it works for you.

Today, we wanted to discuss laser hair removal for your teenage girl, if it’s safe, and a few of the benefits that she may experience by undergoing the treatments.

Is it safe for teens?

If your teen is over 16 years of age, getting laser hair removal treatments is entirely safe. You want to ensure that every treatment is administered by a licensed, trained, and certified laser hair removal specialist. When you bring your teenager or young adult 16, and up into Lux Laser Center, they’ll be guided through the entire process and be given a strict aftercare program, which you will want to ensure they stick to.

The technology has been shown to be effective for teens ages 16 and up without any side effects or detriment to their health. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions you may have about getting laser hair removal for your teenage daughter. We’ve performed thousands of treatments over the years and we’ve helped young women with hair removal that leads to better self-confidence. Especially during their high school coming age years.

Are the treatments effective?

As your teenager has gotten older, her hormones have started to even themselves out once she reaches 16 or older. At this age, the professional laser hair treatments from Lux Laser and Skincare will effectively remove unwanted hair growth and overgrowth.

What are some of the benefits?

Just like for adult women, there are many benefits to laser hair removal done at a professional laser hair removal center. Here are a few of our favorite ones:

Improve skin

Not having to constantly be shaving or waxing her skin will lead to better skin health for your teenage girl. When she isn’t worried about getting rid of unwanted hair, your daughter can focus on rejuvenating and healthily treating her skin.

One of the most significant improvements in her skin will be that she no longer has ingrown hairs. For a teenage girl, these are incredibly painful and can lead to wanting to cover up that particular affected area of her body when she is around her friends. Because she isn’t shaving regularly, the ingrown hair will become a thing of her past.

Having fantastic skin isn’t just something for moms! Your teenage daughter is never too young to learn the intricacies and benefits of creating and maintaining a healthy skincare regimen. And with our laser hair removal specialists at Lux Laser & Skincare, we can help you guide her down a path to healthier, glowing skin for years to come!

Better Self-esteem

The less your teenager has to worry about unwanted hair growth on her body, the more time she has to focus on the things in life she loves. This confidence in her body doing what she wants it to will naturally create a higher self-esteem level in her daily life.

Teenage girls can struggle a great deal with their appearance in their high school years. When things like acne, acne scars, or unwanted hair growth show up for some girls, it can lead to feeling uncomfortable in their own skin. Your daughter deserves to feel like the beautiful young woman she’s becoming each and every day.

Your daughter will go from stressing over bad skin or unwanted hairs to having as much fun with her friends as she can every day!

Whether you want us to help your daughter get rid of unwanted hair growth on her face or reduce the amount of hair growing on her arms, legs and most other areas, we can handle all of your needs at Lux Laser & Skincare. Our highly trained and experienced laser hair removal specialists have over 20 combined years of experience helping teenage girls like your daughter feel like a new girl again!

Call or book your free consultation online with Lux Laser & Skincare today to find out more about our laser hair removal services for teenagers and young adults. We are conveniently located in Sterling, Virginia between Great Falls and Leesburg, Virginia. We are excited to announce that we now do virtual and in-person consultations and are now accepting new patients!

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